kettlebell burpees

Burpees is probably the most dreaded exercise on the planet. Between making you feel like you’re going to lose your meal, feeling like you can not continue after just a handful of them, burpees have a different hardness that even athletes fear.

But it may be time to end your boycott of Burpee. High intensity exercises such as burpees improve cardiovascular function, aerobic fitness and blood glucose regulation. A recent study by PLOS One found that participants who performed a total of 30 minutes of high intensity interval training each week improved their fitness and muscle function as well as participants who were doing 150 minutes of constant exercise. moderate intensity each week.

“The burpee is certainly the most hated exercise of all, but it’s very good,” said Beka Badila, a Los Angeles coach with a decade of experience. Despite the whining of her clients, Badila continues to incorporate burpees into her workouts because they are an excellent physical exercise that not only boosts, but also increases heart rate and burns more calories than low exercise. intensity that work the same muscles.