burpees exercise

burpees :
an intense exercise that combines pumps and squat jumps in a physically demanding activity, says fitness expert and personal trainer Ross Enamait. Burpees offers many benefits and can help improve your fitness. Despite the benefits, you should only perform burpees and other exercises with proper supervision and after obtaining a certificate of good health from your doctor.

Making burpees is a training of the whole body in every way. They develop strength and endurance, increase their heart rate and burn calories, while assessing their balance and coordination.

The variety of movements involved and the muscles worked mean that the benefits of the burpees will be evident in your daily life, as each physical challenge becomes a little easier to conquer.

And they can be done anywhere (even at home if you have understanding neighbors below). You do not need a kit, just a heart and grain load to cross to each representative.
A benefit of burpees is the construction of force. Burpees require you to do push-ups, a classic strength-building exercise, as well as squats. High-repetition squats, such as those performed during a series of burpees, “do wonders for muscle building and strength, not only for the legs, but for the entire body,” writes David Whitley.

Burpees are made in rapid succession, Enamait writes, with up to 15 repetitions in a period of 30 seconds. In addition, the burpees require that you use all your body weight, which makes it a high load exercise. The research published in the August 2004 issue of the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research explains that high repetition and loading exercises are effective in increasing muscular endurance.

Improved anaerobic capacity
In addition to training the muscles of the upper and lower body, burpees can improve the health of your heart and lungs. It was observed that burpees are a type of anaerobic training, a high intensity activity that is short-lived and requires that your body produce energy without the help of oxygen. By performing burpees often, you can improve your body’s anaerobic exercise capacity.

The intensity of the burpees and the number of muscles needed to perform this exercise lead to a significant caloric expenditure. Because you lose weight by burning more calories than you consume, burpees can help you lose weight.